Have total confidence in your facility’s integrity at every stage of its life cycle – this is always a core operational focus at Eftech to ensuring we operate to the safety and quality levels your project requires.

Nitrogen Purging & Helium Leak Testing

Eftech provides nitrogen purging and leak testing services to the international energy industry.

We own the largest fleet of cryogenic and nitrogen membrane equipment nationally, and provide bespoke equipment packages to meet the changing and demanding needs of our clients.

Eftech’s electronic work-pack Asset Integrity Management System is an excellent tool that removes many issues previously experienced with manual test packs.

Work-packs are automatically populated containing leak test information and drawings are electronically marked, focusing on accuracy of information and a safer work pack.

PSV & Valve Services

Eftech’s mobile valve containers are fully equipped for valve overhaul and testing. These containers include a NATA certified testing facility to meet the severest specification, capable of measuring valves from ½” to 48”, as well as using gas and liquid up to 414 BarG. Our mobile workshops contain a Safety Relief Valve Test Bench c/w hydraulic clamping system and associated equipment. Eftech also offers in-situ valve calibration and repair services.

Flange Management

Our Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) allows easy access to bolting calculations, flange registers, work instruction procedures and join completion documentation. The system provides an auditable joint history, electronically linked to P & ID and ISO drawings by location breakdown.

Eftech personnel are trained and competency approved in the assembly, controlled tightening and repair of bolted flange connections using our torque and tensioning and specialised machining equipment.

HP Water Jetting

Eftech provides a complete range of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting services, using multi-disciplined teams which reduces manpower and increases flexibility onboard. We deliver integrated water jetting services using an extensive fleet of in house equipment designed for working pressures up to 2,500 bar with flows of 20 to 320ltr/min. Our jetting accessories include RDR systems as well as a range of jets including BJV jets, badger jets, combi jets, cutter jets and banshee jets.

Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are a critical quality control process after routine cleaning and inspection of vessels. Eftech has invested in state-of-the-art inspection equipment and refined its operating procedures to incorporate the latest high-sensitivity CCD.

This provides images with increased resolution and clarity, and features a versatile coiler running 150 metres (500 feet) of rod, built-in integral electronic rod counter; video/in and video/out VCR connectors for recording and playback of surveys.

Chemical Cleaning & Oil Flushing

Chemical Cleaning is used to remove rust contamination and particulate from pipework and vessels that cannot otherwise be cleaned using a flushing process.

Eftech has developed a range of chemical cleaning techniques that effectively remove rust and contaminants in accordance with project and environmental requirements. Our service is supported by the latest equipment, trained personnel and engineering support.

Eftech is an industry leader in lube oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, water glycol and water flushing technology. Effective flushing removes contamination in the system by circulating fluid through the pipework at high velocity.

Turbulent flow and velocity collect contaminant particles and transports them through temporary filter systems on the flushing spread. Our technicians are trained in the operation of equipment as well as flushing philosophy to ensure efficiency to industry standards such as NAS, ISO, AS and API.

Air Blowing​

The removal of construction debris and loose mill scale from piping systems is critical for proper operation. Systems placed into service without a thorough cleaning will soon be plagued with clogged intake screens, control valve trims or instruments and other costly problems. Eftech provides a complete range of Air Blowing services, using multi-disciplined teams and bespoke equipment packages.

Eftech’s trailer mounted air blowing package is designed to meet client specific needs. The 45ft drop deck extendable trailer (up to 55ft) contains a 1,150scfm skid mounted after cooled oil free air compressor.

Air is fed into the desiccant filter package which operates at a pressure of 348 psi (24 bar) and conditioned to -40degC. The pressure vessel has a total volume of 25,000 litres at 10barg. The package operates using a single PLC control system of pneumatically operated control valves and flowmeter.