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New steam safety valve testing headlines Eftech expansion into SA

A safer and more productive testing process using steam to test and certify relief valves without impacting production or operations, has been introduced into the South Australian shutdown and facilities market.

The approach, known as In-Situ Valve Testing, is an accepted method of Relief Valve testing for all types of Pressure Safety Valves (PSV).

The service is being implemented under exclusive licence by maintenance service provider Eftech International.

Managing Director Andrew Manning says the development comes after Eftech expanded its national footprint by launching a new operating hub in South Australia in February this year.

“Operators with infrastructure assets or facilities are always striving to enhance production and perform better,” Mr Manning said.

“We wanted to make a statement in South Australia and hit the local market with something we knew would generate commercial results – performing viable and safe valve tests without impacting their operation.

The appointment of South Australian-based and renowned oil and gas professional, Harald Schaaf, Company Director of commissioning firm e2o, which was later acquired by Clough Engineering, is also seen as a major coup.

“Technically we take a multi-disciplined focus to critical maintenance and shutdown services that includes online valve testing, flange management, on-site machining, leak sealing, electrical and instrumentation that includes repairs, calibration, testing and Hazardous Area Certification.” Mr Schaaf said.

“So far the market demand has been strong. Already since launching, we’ve deployed more than 120 experienced personnel to sites across the state specialising in supporting ramp-ups for shutdowns, through to mechanical and electronic instrumentation services.

“We all know this year has been turned on its head with the impacts of COVID-19, and as a result we are working hard to offer clients with infrastructure and facility assets a flexible range of quality integrated services.”

In-Situ Testing of steam relief valves works when a load cell is mounted with a hydraulic puller on the valve’s stem top, pulling the stem thereby trying to lift the disc to measure and check PSV’s calibration.

“This non-intrusive process allows periodical and mandatory re-certification of all PSVs to meet operational requirements without having to shutdown a facility,” added Mr Manning.

“The main benefits for the market are the time gains and ultimate costs savings, with the tests completed outside of shutdown windows.”

Eftech’s launch of its new South Australian operation is supported through its established facilities in Western Australia, Brisbane and Sydney where it continues to successfully service infrastructure and energy markets.