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Behind the scenes Q&A with Eftech’s newest Senior Project Engineer Tim Davis

Briefly tell us about your position and your key responsibilities?

“I am a Senior Project Engineer currently managing Eftech’s scope of works on the new Dubbo Rail Maintenance Facility. Obviously with the project being located in regional NSW there are some logistics management issues to consider – largely though our role is to install and commission the onsite wet and dry fire system and train refuelling facility.”

You’ve had extensive experience across capital works projects and heavy industry over many years, in your opinion what is the single biggest challenge the sector is facing today?

“An ongoing consideration for our sector is how we best managed the cyclical nature of the energy industry. And then of course, finding smarter and more efficient ways to perform so that we can enhance our output and overall productivity are always major priorities.

What’s really impressed me with Eftech so far, and part of the reason I made the decisions to join, is its agility with how it operates. Most recently, the company made a proactive decision to pivot and expand into the infrastructure sector.

As a result, we’ve successfully transferred our IP and expertise developed working in oil and gas for many years, to secure a commissioning contract on the WestConnex M8 tunnel in Sydney.

Fast forward to 2021 and we’ve been successful appointed to the Dubbo Rail Project which is obviously something I’ll be working closely on.”

In regard to the more technical output of your role, what aspects are you most passionate about?

“Well since I cut my teeth in project management, I’ve always liked to maintain good working relationships with the people I engage. This extends from the team working with me, right through to suppliers and the client. Having a clear line of communication that is robust enough to endure the ups and downs of a project, goes a long way to making this happen.”

Before you started at Eftech, what stood out about the Company that sparked your interest to join?

“The first thing about Eftech was the pedigree of the team and just how diverse and capable the different skill sets are.

Collectively, I believe our expertise allows us to find more innovative solutions to deliver projects and work scopes to the highest level.

A recent example was on the WestConnex M8 tunnel project in Sydney, in which Eftech successfully used dry-flo technology to save our client millions of litres of water.

The upside and commercial benefits for the client were significant.

Not only was there a positive environmental aspect, saving a large volume of water that would usually be used to commission the sprinklers and deluge systems, any damage to the built form and infrastructure was also avoided from getting wet and saturated.

In terms of an efficiency, using the air-flow and blowing technic was much quicker and smarter.”

What is the one piece of advice you have received in your career that will stick with you forever?

“One of my previous managers used to regularly say ‘work smarter, not harder’”. While I do enjoy getting my hands dirty and busting a sweat, in more recent years I’ve really thrived on creative thinking to find smarter solutions to solve problems.”