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Behind the scenes; Q&A with Eftech's Operations Director, Mark Duncan

Briefly tell us about your position and your key responsibilities?

“I was recently promoted to Operations Director, overseeing high level operations to continually analyse and enhance organisational processes to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. The centre of what I do always comes back to ensuring what we carry out as a Company complies with safety standards to provide the best possible solutions and outcomes for our clients.”

What led you to be at Eftech International?

“I have worked in various oil and gas service companies in different operational roles. I started as an entry level yard assistant and have worked through the ranks to my current role, so overtime I have become more familiar and knowledgeable within this space. I also have a long history (dating back over 20 years) of working with Eftech International Managing Director, Andrew Manning. When he decided he wanted to venture on his own path and start up Eftech International it was a natural transition for me to follow him into the business.”

What kind of skills do you need to have for your role?

“A must-have is a big-picture perspective. Being responsible for the overall wellbeing of the Company’s operations means there are so many different skills and abilities to inherent. These include being patient, being proactive, and always being four steps ahead of your game.

It’s very important to have the ability to identify any risks or hazards within a project before it happens.

What has been your team’s biggest commercial achievement/milestone at Eftech so far that you have directly been involved in?

“Our work with INPEX’s recent shutdown was a great achievement for our company. INPEX’S Ichthys project is ranked among the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. Eftech was responsible for the nitrogen purging and leak testing, with more than 20 workers on site, supported by a team based in Perth. Another highlight would be the Sydney M5 WestConnex tunnel project. We applied a new dry-deluge testing technology to commission more than 10,000 sprinkler nozzles, without using any water, carrying a multitude of benefits.”

What do you believe makes Eftech stand out from your competitors?

“We are all-rounders. We always put our clients’ best interests first and as a team we are flexible in how we manage projects to achieve the best possible outcomes. When clients engage with us, we become an extension of their company – meaning we always put our best foot forward to exceed expectations.

“Our team’s ability to tackle high-end demanding scopes of work, safely and cost effectively, sets us apart. As a service company working across all spectrums of the oil and gas industry, we often operate in difficult and hostile environments, our key principles ensure the safety of our people are always put first.”

What is the one piece of advice you have received in your career that will stick with you forever?

“Plain and simple – if you say you are going to do something, do it.”